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Hi Everyone.

Two weeks ago today I wrote the post on Teaching Assistants. If by chance you missed it here’s a link


This is a subject which I feel strongly about. If you’ve read the post you’ll already know this.

That blog has almost consumed my waking life. It has been viewed 165 000 plus times and has had over 400 comments. I felt the need to reply to most of these. If people are kind enough to respond, they deserve a reply from me. The people who commented were not just tweeters, they were teachers, HTs, TAs, FaceBook folk, Education consultants, education writers and genuinely concerned members of the public. Thank you everyone.

The local Gazette published an article on the post and the Guardian online published most of the blog on their website. This has also been viewed many times and many people have contacted me to tell me.

I was later prompted to set up a petition to help to prevent the slashing of funds which would lead to the loss of TAs. This is not the kind of thing I usually engage in, in fact I think it is the first ever petition I have signed. The feeling was so strong on this topic that I thought I would give it a try. The petition has so far had over 61 000 signatures in just over a week. The people at 38 degrees told me that this is the 3rd fastest growing petition ever.

So why am I telling you all this? Yesterday I had a phone call from the Director of ‘Daybreak’ on ITV. They have invited me on to their programme on Wednesday morning to discuss my thoughts on TAs and the blog. What an opportunity! I’m honoured to be able to put forward the views of so many people on this subject. If you are able to, please watch the programme on Wednesday.

Meanwhile I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your support. Some have helped me with information which I needed. There are too many to name individually but you all know who you are. I’m just hoping that Mr Gove does one of his major u turns on this one. I have sent the post to him twice so far but he has remained tight lipped. No surprise really.

Here’s a link to the original document from which the Government took advice


Thanks for reading.