Senior Leadership Team, Continuing Professional Develpoment Leader, Initial Teacher Trainer, Newly Qualified Teacher Mentor, Assessment Team Leader, Special Educational Needs teacher at an Outstanding Special School in Blackpool. MA in Sen/Inclusion.

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  1. Hi there,

    I work for the Edge Foundation and have a press release that might be of interest to you with regards to the VQ Day Awards 2014 and their new Teacher Award.

    Drop me and email and I’ll send it over to you!




  2. Hello!

    We’ve just returned from the Education Show promoting our resources to encourage democratic engagement and voter registration amongst young people. We have worked with Mencap to develop an easy to read guide to voting and registering to vote that may be of interest to your readers.

    Please have a look at Rock Enrol! and Mencap easy read guide and decide if these resources are worth a mention in one of your blogs. It will be topical in the run up to the General Election – or

    We had lots of interest from teachers looking for tutor time ideas that our resources can help with – exploring democracy and importance of registering to vote.



  3. Hello,

    We’re trying to spread the word about the World’s Largest Lesson and wondered if you could help us. It’s for teachers across the world and it’s part of Project Everyone, which has been set up by Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis to support the upcoming sustainable development goals. We’re hoping to collect lesson plans from teachers geared towards teaching children about the goals – whether it’s an individual topic, like the fight against climate change or poverty or all of the goals. The competition closes in just over a week then the plans can be reviewed by teachers to select their favourite, which will then hopefully be taught in schools across the world in September. It’s a bit of a mighty plan and we’d really like your help!

    Let me know if you would be interested and I can email you over the press release.

    Many thanks,


  4. Niall Alcock said:

    Hi Cherryl

    I am a teacher and teacher trainer working on a project that will help teachers gain access to SEN CPD provision more easily.

    As an ed thought leader I admire, I’d love to get your expert opinion on the project.




    • Hi. I’m on holiday at the moment. I’m actually on foreign shores. Happy to help when I return in scopula of weeks if you want to contact me then.


  5. Hi Cherry, would you mind dropping me an email please?
    I’d love to use your blog in a magazine I’m producing?
    Many thanks, Maria


  6. Hello do you have an email address I can contact you on regarding a writing opportunity?


  7. Emma Hancock said:

    Hi Cherry,

    I am currently working with the International Paralympic Committee on an education programme I think would be of interest. I am going to send more info using the email above, hope that’s ok?




  8. Dear Cherryl,

    I’m David, I’m an author/illustrator, and write to offer you a free copy of my new autism acceptance book ‘A Vision of Empathy’. Inspired by my son, who is autistic (and by many years as a Support Worker), the book helps children (and adults) understand how autism can affect people; and to develop empathy.

    The book has received praise from The National Autistic Society, Autism’s Got Talent and The SENsible SENCO. I would be so pleased if you felt the book could be useful for the members and readers of your wonderful website too.

    If you would like a copy, please let me know who and where to send it to.

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind wishes,

    David Martin (Dunkle Deed)


    • Hi David,
      Your book sounds wonderful. I woujd love a copy. I will read and review on my website if that’s ok with you.
      Please send to
      Cherryl Drabble
      Highfurlong School
      Blackpool Old Road
      Many thanks.


      • David Martin said:

        Hi Cherryl, so sorry, I just happened across your reply while visiting your site. I will send the book tomorrow. Thank you!

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