Some of you may remember that not too long I wrote my second book ‘Introducing a School Dog, Our Adventures With Doodles the Schnoodle’. The book was published by JessicaKingsley Publishing and was well received. A few months after publication JKP released my book in a new version translated into Spanish. That was an exciting day as I hadn’t considered that might happen.

The book itself includes top tips for choosing a dog, how to write a risk assessment and discusses the importance of insurance for your dog. There are some stories of the many successes Doodles has had in school and how adored he is by everyone. Since then I have had many enquiries regarding all aspects of owning and introducing a school dog.

I’m now working on a little project with @SpcialNdsJungle and it relates directly to this book. Although the book isn’t directly aimed at special schools Doodles has had an immense impact with his work with children with special educational needs. You really do need to read the book to understand how valuable his work has been. He is adored by children and staff and his presence resonated throughout the school.

So, if you’re thinking of introducing a dog for your school community in September and you’re unsure about the finer details watch this space. Help could be coming your way.

Thank you for reading.