This is a quick post aimed at NQTs who will be taking up their role as class teacher for this academic year. What an exciting year ahead! I’ve been watching with interest all the tweets from NQTs about their worries, fears, excitement, trepidation and a whole range of emotions concerning September and their new jobs. Allow me to allay some of your fears.

I have one piece of advice that was given to me when I was in your position many years ago, enjoy these holidays! These are the last, truly work free holidays you will get while you remain in teaching. This is the only year you will have no plans, no classroom to prepare (unless you choose to) no books to mark, no seating plans to draw up, and the list goes on. This is your 6 weeks to relax and enjoy some downtime before your work begins. Look forward to September, it will be here before you know it.

I hope you are in a supportive school and there will be lots of experienced teachers all waiting to guide you through the process of the first few weeks in school. I further hope there will be a qualified and caring induction mentor who will be your guide and assist you to settle in to school very quickly. This person should help you find your way through the difficulties facing you as a new person in school. The induction mentor should also help you through the safeguarding, child protection, anti bullying, and staff well being procedures as required. Your new school should have a well qualified NQT mentor to guide you with planning and negotiating your way through your whole first year in school.

The essence of my message to all the NQTs our there is to relax and enjoy this summer because you will never have a true 6 week break again. There will always be holiday tasks to complete. Going forward, I’m sure you will love your new role in the classroom. Happy teachers are essential for setting the tone of the school. Positive teachers make for a happy school school. Look after yourself and if you need help please ask. There are many teachers willing to help you.

For your future holidays, do whatever makes you happy. If you wish to work, do a little. If you wish to have a rest then have a rest. Do not feel guilty by seeing what others are doing in their classrooms.  Remember that what works for you isn’t best for everyone. Do whatever makes you happy.

Lastly, if I can help in any way please ask me. Send me a DM, I’m always willing to help if I can. Above all, enjoy your new class, it’s what you’ve been striving for.