Today was the day of my school’s Summer show. Just in case there is anyone who isn’t aware my school is a special school. Our children are very special indeed. They range from 2-19 years. Some have profound and multiple medical needs, others have learning difficulties and others have behaviour challenges. Staff who work at our school need to be patient, dedicated, considerate, highly trained, respectful and above all else must possess a desire to see our children succeed in everything they try to do. Our staff all know that the sky’s the limit for our children. The teaching and learning at my school is second to none and our children progress extremely well. 

For the last few weeks our Performing Arts leader has worked tirelessly with the entire school. Every child and young person was involved in the summer show. Some of our children find communication a real challenge and yet they managed to sing along with their peers. There were children dancing while manouvering their powered wheelchairs around the stage. Other children were using switch accessible iPads to join in the performance and to sing along. Three young girls sung beautiful solo performances which is a tall order in front of a huge audience and others were backing singers. If the children were nervous they certainly didn’t show it. You see every child in our school is taught to believe in themselves and to believe they can do most things if they really want to. They know that our school motto ‘inspire, challenge, believe’ really means something! The whole show was truly stunning. Well done and huge congratulations to our Performing Arts leader. 

My school is a 3 times outstanding Ofsted rated school, but do you know I have never been more proud of our children than I was today. Every one of them performed until they were fit to drop. Ofsted measures the official stuff, the curriculum, the progress and the external accreditation. It doesn’t measure this type of activity. This is the heart of the school. Things like this are what matter to the children, their parents and to us as a staff. We need the academic progress, of course we do and we are very proud of that, but shouldn’t we be measuring this kind of success too? 

As my Headteacher commented after the performance, every time she thinks they can’t improve and every time they do!