Welcome to this year’s update on my nurture post.

I’ve scanned last year’s post to give me a starting point and some things haven’t changed at all. Other things weren’t even on the horizon this time last year.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of things that haven’t changed. I continue to be AHT for my school. We still do not have a Deputy so that leaves myself and my colleague in charge when our HT has to leave the premises. I’ll admit I enjoy the challenge on a small scale, secure in the knowledge that I can hand the school back at some point. The thought of being in charge for ever quite frankly scares me. It isn’t what I want to do. I like a healthy mix of teaching and leadership and so I continue to be AHT and I continue to be happy with my role.

I continue to be a Specialist Leader of Education for the Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance and I love this part of my role. I have been lucky enough to write a course with a fellow SLE and I am now delivering this to schools in our area.

I continue to deliver sessions at conferences when asked and also training courses in my role as SLE. I manage to get myself slightly stressed when preparing for this but always enjoy the sessions when it comes time to deliver. I am assured that this type of stress is good for you. I hope this is true.

I continue to wrestle with work life balance. I think this is something I will never achieve. If I’m truly honest with myself I like working all hours of the day. I can’t blame anyone but myself for this, I am a workaholic!

Moving on to 2015.

I promised myself last year I would master Facebook. This may not seem much to avid Facebook people but to me it was a huge challenge! I have stuck with it though and can honestly say I do like the relaxed atmosphere that goes with FB. I have some of my Twitter friends on FB and there seems to be an unwritten rule that what goes on FB stays on FB. There isn’t really any mixing of the two platforms except the odd educational post. I like that arrangement. Twitter will always be my social media of choice but FB is ok for a good giggle. Thank you in particular to Julia Skinner who has made me feel very welcome on there and continues to be a source of inspiration in other areas.

Back in April @SENexchange was born. This was the brainchild of my good friend Mary Isherwood. Mary felt there was a need for a professional chat which would run for a whole week and would be an exchange of ideas relating to SEND. We discussed the idea and we felt that we wanted to welcome mainstream teachers as well as special needs teachers, parents and anyone else who wanted to be heard in relation to special needs. We have watched our account grow and at the moment we have 1457 followers and a regular audience for our Wednesday evening chats. Please join us at 8pm on 6th January if you are free.

Earlier this year I went with a group of Twitter folk and met Sean Harford (Ofsted’s National Director, Education). Sean gave us chapter and verse about the new Ofsted framework and listened to our concerns about Ofsted. Sean is a genuinely decent man who really wants to help. I believe that he and Mike Cladingbowl before him have made huge leaps in healing the rift between schools and Ofsted. I take my hat off to him because he’s always there on Twitter, right in the firing line answering our many questions.

Next comes the big one, I have written a book. This time last year that wasn’t on the cards, and now my first draft is completed. It is for Bloomsbury Education and I’m honoured and thrilled to have been asked back in April. This has been my Summer of writing. I barely looked up for the entire summer holidays but it certainly feels good now. On that subject I must say thank you to @Sue_Cowley @nancygedge @ChrisChivers2 @ICTEvangelist @TeacherToolkit @Gwenelope @jwscattergood @SimonKnight100 @jordyjax @Nichola80 @DiLeed @rachelrossiter @Mishwood1 for either advising me, inspiring me or generally keeping me going.  Special thanks must also go to @MariaStMarys for being my ‘Saturday Saviour’ each week. Maria has been wonderful. The biggest thanks of all is for Lynn of @reachoutASC fame. Lynn has quite simply been my rock!

I have no idea what 2016 holds for me. In no particular order here are a few things I know for sure will be happening.

  1. Primary Rocks with my good friend @clyn40 2016. Bring it on!
  2. Northern Rocks with my good friend @clyn40 2016. Bring it on!
  3. More mini Teachmeets with my good friend @clyn40 (She’s going to be busy)
  4. Continue to thank everyone on Twitter for helping me to develop professionally.
  5. Continue to learn from the blog posts of other people.
  6. Follow a few more blogs. I read those I see but I need a better system. Blogs I follow are @JamesTheo and @Trivium21c. Both of these are intelligent, amusing or informative. There are many more I enjoy and I need to remedy this situation.
  7. I would like to meet more people from Twitter who inspire me.

So here’s to 2016 everyone!