Yesterday, Sunday 2nd August I tweeted @jillberry102 as I’m a great admirer of hers. I always find her very supportive of me and she is full of pearls of wisdom for all teachers. Jill forwarded her post informing me of her activities for the summer. My, my, what a busy lady. You can read Jill’s post here.

Jill enquired about my plans for the summer holidays. So, despite promising myself I won’t blog at the moment I can’t resist a quick reply to Jill. So, here’s what I’m up to, in no particular order.

1. My plan for the summer was to have a good long rest, that isn’t quite working out. I’m busy. Like all teachers my thoughts are never far away from September and from the children and the new term. I’m already thinking and planning ahead.

2. I’m planning on spending a little time with my friends. Friends are sadly neglected during term time. I’ve made a start on that one already.

3. I also plan to spend more time with my family rather than being a compete workaholic. They know me well and no one is holding their breath on that one!

4. Continue to develop @SENexchange with my good friend @Mishwood1. It is going from strength to strength and we hope it continues that way. Thank you to everyone who is supporting with The Exchange.

5. Continue to advocate for and support children with SEND on Twitter and anywhere where people will listen.

6. Continue to master Facebook. My default is always Twitter as the tweeting teachers are so supportive, but I’m learning FB, painfully slowly.

7. Enjoy a 2 week break in sunny Cyprus.

8-10. Complete 3 chapters of my book for Bloomsbury’s for children with SEND. That kind of makes a mockery of number 3 but I will try and achieve a balance. 3 chapters is a massive undertaking but the deadline draws ever closer.

So, that’s what I’m up to for the remainder of the holidays.

Enjoy your holidays everyone 🙂