Calendar girls! What a great idea! Well done to @cazzwebbo for getting this huge project off the ground. Every credit to her, what a star! Thanks also go to @chocotzar for the original idea for raising money for needy children, whatever their reason. 

It all started from a tiny throw away comment from Carol on Twitter a couple of months ago. ‘Let’s do a calendar girls’ she said. This was greeted with a mix of reluctance and excitement. No one could quite believe she had said it, much less intended to do it. Before we knew it there were over 60 people involved in a huge twitter campaign to raise money for children. Fabulous work!

As the day for the photo shoot in Manchester drew nearer the ladies on twitter grew ever more anxious. We were all up for it, but that didn’t steady our nerves one bit. What on earth had we all got ourselves in to we wondered. I myself made several frantic phone calls to Carol who was the ultimate in patience and serenity. She even loaned me a top to wear underneath my gown. Thank you Carol. 

The night before the photo shoot there were many frantic tweets from the calendar girls. I’ve never seen so many women as worried about one single thing. We were united in this, yet adrenaline was flowing at the same time. Of course it must be remembered, we are all teachers so there needs to be a balance. The pictures must be risqué enough to sell, but sensible enough not to compromise our roles within school. 

Much discussion ensued about who was wearing what. Good old @scjmcd chipped in his money’s worth and kept our spirits up by providing us with lots of giggles. Bless you Sean! 

Come the day @clyn40 and I met @corwent at Piccadilly Station. We bought food for lunch and fizzy stuff for our nerves. The food remained uneaten and the fizzy stuff went down a treat. 

Once at our destination we met @hoopadaisy @morphosaurus @_singsun @GLYNYOGIPotts, @Mishwood1 and of course Carol. There was bubbly to drink and choccies to munch. How civilised can you get! Music was playing and the studio was very welcoming. 

Gwen, @corwent decided we ought to do a running order for make up and photos. This is how you could tell it was a group of teachers. Out came a sheet of A4 paper and a pen and the 3 column list was quickly assembled. You have to love teachers for organisational skills. Then it was down to the serious stuff. The make up was skilfully applied by a lovely girl called Amy @AmieLouiseMUA. She is a star and made us all feel and look very special. Photos were next. I was first in because Carolyn and I needed to catch our train. Gwen was a good friend and offered to come in with me for moral support. Thank you Gwen. The photographer totally put me at my ease. He was so clever with his ideas and made me feel like I was the most important person in the room. What a great guy. I’m more than happy with the photos he took. Next I accompanied my friend Mary in for her photo. Without giving away any secrets I’m here to tell you that this HT looks stunning in her pictures. 

Gwen followed Mary and again I went in for moral support. Once again the photographer made her totally relax. Gwen is not keen on having her photo taken but he made her completely at ease. She looks superb in her pictures. Absolutely gorgeous, just wait and see. Lastly, I accompanied Carolyn in for her picture. If anyone looks beautiful in her picture, she does! 
Home time soon came and @GlynYOGIPotts offered us a lift to the station. Many, many thanks to him as I think we would have missed the train otherwise. I’ve never met him before but he’s lovely. 
I’ve no idea how everyone else’s pictures went as we had to leave. I’m sure with that team in charge the pictures will all be fabulous. They are such a professional team. If you ever want professional pictures taking I can highly recommend @EY3Media. All wonderful people. 
For anyone unaware that this was happening, but would like to contribute please consider the Just giving page
It’s a very worthy cause. 

Meanwhile thanks to everyone today who helped the day go with a swing and a very definite giggle. Your company was just fab! 

Extra thanks and huge applause to @cazzwebbo for all her hard work! 
Sneak preview.