I’m quite certain that this will be the last post I’ll ever write about my previous Head teacher. Nothing he can do can top this one.

I’ve written several posts on his philosophy as a leader in the past. What it really comes down to for Eddy Jackson is – keep the children close to your heart. Everything you do, do it for them. Whatever it is, think of the children first and foremost.

I’m thrilled beyond words to announce today that my ex HT, the man who shaped my career and made me in to the teacher I am today has been appointed MBE for ‘Services to Special Educational Needs’.

Many congratulations to him. I’m honoured to have worked with him and been a part of the school he created.

I contacted him this morning to pass on my congratulations and this was his respone

‘Thank you. It’s your award for all the creativity and hard work. Above
all for the care and love you give to the children. Privileged to work
with you’.

That’s a typical response from Eddy and gives you a glimpse of a truly great leader.

Well done Eddy.