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As many of you will know my school recently underwent a very successful Ofsted inspection. As I don’t want to repeat myself you can see the post here I also wanted to add a link to the post as I’ve just taught myself to hyperlink and I want to show off my skills 🙂

Back to the point! After the Ofsted and the blog which followed I was asked by @5N-Afzal if I could divulge the questions asked by the Ofsted Inspector to our Governors for the benefit of other Governors. I’m sorry this has taken me a while to do but here it is.

Chair of Governors was asked questions relating to

1. SMART objectives and developing better objectives in relation to the performance of staff.
2. How Governors ensure evidence of achievement presented at meetings is checked and validated.
3. The quality of Headteacher reports, which links to the last question.

Our Chair tells me she spent an hour with the Inspector. She commented that he was friendly and chatty but she knew she was being very thoroughly questioned on her role as Chair of Governors.

Vice Chair of Governors

Our VC was similarly grilled for some considerable time.

1. How is Pupil Premium used at your school and how does it benefit those pupils?
2. How is Sports Funding put to use and does it benefit the pupils?
3. Do you think the Pupil Premium funding reaches the most disadvantaged children?
4. How are Performance Reviews carried out at the school and what role do Governors play in this?

More topics were covered informally but these were the main topics discussed.
I have decided not to publish answers to these questions because they will be different for all schools.
I hope this proves useful to you in your schools.

Good luck when you get the call. If I can help in anyway, please get back to me.