On Monday evening I was involved in a Twitter conversation with several SEN educators. We were discussing how to ensure that pupils on very low P Levels understand their learning objectives. There was a fair number of us involved in the dialogue until it almost became impossible to tweet.

It occurred to me that I had read a blog post on this topic a while ago. Could I find it? No! It was like mission impossible! I then came to the realisation that we need an account dedicated to SEN posts. This could be in the style of @TheEchoChamber2 and @primaryblogger1. If we had such an account locating the afore mentioned post wouldn’t have posed such a problem. That’s my theory anyway.

With this in mind I set about taking advice from some twitter stalwarts. Clever people, the ones in the know. @Edutronic_Net gave me his advice, thanks Chris. Next up was the wonderful @imagineinquiry (Tim) who kindly spent half an hour with me on the phone talking me through it and helping me set it up. Thank you Tim. I’m forever grateful. I then linked it to a brand new Twitter account and tested it out on a very patient @nancygedge, thanks Nancy!

So there we have it, a brand new website to collate posts relating to SEN, @SENBlogger. An exciting new venture. Easy reference for everyone who needs it. In the Summer, when I have time I will try to categorise them in to topics for us.

There is a slight downside to this. Like all of you I’m a very busy person. Aside from tweeting from my personal account I also run my school’s Twitter account and co author my school’s Facebook page. This new account means I could easily drown in social media. Heaven only knows how @oldandrewuk and @imagineinquiry keep up with their accounts. So I need your help please. I haven’t time to look for posts. If you write a post for SEN and would like it included on the new site please send me a link on @SENBlogger. I will reblog as soon as I have time. I won’t be picking and choosing, writing posts is subjective, it isn’t for me to decide what others will find interesting. I also won’t be editing or quality controlling, just collating and reblogging.

Lastly I won’t be able to become involved in conversations on the new account. If you want to tweet me for anything, or if I can help in any way at all please contact me on my personal account @cherrylkd. I’m always happy to help if I can.

Thanks for your support everyone. Happy blogging :))