I’ve seen on twitter a slight twisting of words, a bit of a spin on the blogs, certainly on mine anyway. Maybe it’s my fault for not explaining properly. I thought I should set the record straight.

There is confusion over the ‘secondary ready’ discussion. None of us said that literacy and numeracy are not important. None of us said that the so called ‘soft options’ are more important. Not one single person said that. What was actually said was that being ‘secondary ready’ means more than just being numerate and literate. (If that was the case you could have a high achieving Year 4 in secondary school and we don’t do that.) In some schools, some children are being pulled out of lessons left, right and centre for intervention sessions. In essence, this means they are only doing literacy and numeracy. This will not make them secondary ready in my opinion. While I have high expectations of all children we have to be realistic. Surely there is more to being secondary ready than being able to read and write and do maths. If not then I’ve seriously underestimated secondary school teachers and their role.

Teaching the 3Rs is our main role, we are aware of that. We haven’t said otherwise. There is just some concern that continuous interventions are taking over and nothing else is being taught. Surely no one advocates that children do maths and English all day long and nothing else. That will not make them well rounded students who are mature enough to join the secondary school environment.