Imagine the situation, we’ve all been there. It’s the end of the second term, almost Easter. Everyone in school is absolutely shattered. In fact, shattered doesn’t quite cover it. Some seem closer to exhaustion!

It seems to have been the longest term ever! Our HT took over in September and has worked ceaselessly to make the school her own. Myself and the other AHT have supported and we are happy with the changes that our HT has put in place. Our SEF and SIP are good to go as are all the other bits and bobs required by Ofsted. We always set high standards and have high expectations of our children. As a staff we strive to be the best that we can be to enable our children to be the best that they can be. That’s our mantra.

Back to the longest term. Every member of staff is tired out. Like many of you we need a holiday and some sunshine. This term we have endured the loss of one of our most loved and cherished pupils among other things. He was special to every person and this shocked us to the core and cast an air of gloom over the school. Following swiftly after this our HT suffered a personal loss with the loss of her own father. As a school we once again rallied to support her and like a real trooper she wore herself in to the ground coming in to school at a time when she should have been resting. She did this because she cares about the staff and children and the whole school community. She was involved in travelling from one end of the country to the other for a memorial service and a funeral. During the few days she was out she was always available to myself and the other AHT via text or email. That’s pretty selfless when you’re experiencing a personal loss.

So our HT is incredibly tired and most likely emotional. Today we have had a junior member of staff in tears. No one was to blame, no one said anything or did anything untoward, it’s just the end of a long hard term overshadowed by death. I was feeling out of my depth with the tearful staff member and requested help from ‘above’. In she came and sat with the staff member. She encouraged her to cry it out, get it off her chest. Tea and chocolate came next. Sugar is needed when you’re upset don’t you know! HT listened carefully to her worries, some not even school related. Our HT explained about the long hard term and explained that it’s perfectly natural to be so tired and worn out. She praised her for the fantastic job she’d done all term. We give our all to the children and sometimes we need to remember to keep a little back for ourselves. She talked to her about the holidays and generally made her feel valued, which of course she is. She gave her plenty of time to calm down, talk and eventually we saw the glimmerings of a smile. Our junior staff member wasn’t quite cured, but she was getting there! She walked in to my office in tears and wanting to go home, she walked out with a slight spring in her step and a smile on her face. She had been treated to some TLC from our HT. Lucky girl! I’ve been treated to this in the past when I’ve been at my lowest ebb and I can confirm that no one does TLC like our HT. Pretty impressive in the week of her own Father’s funeral. I think he’d have been proud of her.