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Last week I went to the Bett show in London and had a thoroughly lovely time. As I wandered around the arena I listened in on a couple of talks and discovered something I hadn’t realised before. All the presenters I saw that day were men. The following weekend I saw a few tweets from @betsysalt who had been at the Teachmeet on the Friday and had noticed the same thing. She was enquiring as to the reason why. Then the wonderful @ChocoTzar decided to get to the bottom of things by introducing the hashtag #IWouldIf. I’ve given this a great deal of thought over the last week and decided to respond.

So looking at the most obvious reason, do I not ‘present’ because I’m a woman? Absolutely not! As anyone who knows me will testify, I may be tiny and rather feminine in appearance and dress but I am not intimidated by men. If I don’t do something then it’s a failing somewhere in myself and I can’t hold men responsible. There are some fabulous women presenters out there such as @MsFindlater and @hgaldinoshea to name just a couple who are living proof that women can present wonderfully well.

Next reason. Do I not ‘present’ because my material is not interesting enough? Now this is a distinct possibility. I’m aware that my niche is SEN and matters relating to it and there are only so many people who are interested in SEN. Is there enough interest to warrant a presentation? I’m unsure. Maybe this holds me back. Although I do blog about SEN and my blog is fairly widely read and I do have a few followers on Twitter. So maybe it isn’t that either.

Next week I’m going to #TMBPool at Mereside School. When I registered my interest @TomSale asked if I would like to present. I immediately said no. The reason I gave, which is true is that I’m involved in a presentation at my own school next month which I’ve yet to write. I decided that I couldn’t cope with two presentations. On reflection I needed only to do a 2 minute nano presentation at the Teachmeet which is hardly time consuming!

The last reason I can think of is this. Do I not ‘present’ because I simply can’t be bothered? After mulling this over all week long I have come to this conclusion. If I’m going to a conference or a Teachmeet and someone wants to fill my head with their expertise and ideas then I’m all for listening. I love new knowledge and I like to be educated and if someone wants to entertain me in this way then I’m all for it. I like someone who knows their stuff standing up and filling my head with new initiatives, and I don’t care if its a man or a woman. I’m simply grateful for the opportunity to listen.

So for me personally it’s not a sinister plot. There is no hidden agenda, I simply can’t be bothered. This is a failing in me which I am about to correct. In fact by writing this blog I am fabulously procrastinating. I should be writing my presentation for my school!
Get on with it Cherryl!!