Happy holidays to everyone reading this post. I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and re charged those batteries ready for another year.

I’ve read with interest the superb #nurture 13/14 posts that have appeared in my twitter timeline. I’m humbled to think that I actually know some of these wonderfully dedicated people in our profession. Some I only know through twitter but am equally proud to be associated with them in a small way. Each and every one of you should be proud of yourselves as teachers of the next generation of our children.

So, on to mine. I’m not very good at blowing my own trumpet. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. Therefore I’ve struggled to come up with 13 successes from 2013. So here’s a few of the things I rate as my achievements.

1. I started my own blog. This is not strictly true as I did a couple of posts the year before but this was the year I gave it some proper attention and saw it really take off. This was the year that I used it to tell anyone who would listen about the poorly children in my school and how brave they are. I used it to tell you all how wonderful my school and the staff are and importantly how wonderful our Teaching Assistants are. I also used my blog to make a few political stances. This is amazing even to me as I’m not political, but this Government has changed me slightly.

2. On the subject of my blog I wrote my most successful post ‘An Open Letter to Mr Gove’. This was viewed 68 859 times in one day alone in June. On the page it says 10k views on Face Book and 1k views on Twitter. That seems fairly successful to me. I’m rather proud of this achievement.

3. This was the year that saw me write for ‘Teach Primary’. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed doing and it was a huge honour to be asked. It’s a truly great feeling to see your name on something that’s been published.

4. 2013 saw me being promoted to Assistant Head Teacher for KS 1-4. My school is very precious to me, mostly because of the children and their courage. We are all there for the poorly children so I’m proud to be part of the leadership team that guides our school forward.

5. This year I have also become a school Governor. This gives me a chance to see the school from a totally different perspective. With this particular hat on, I can have an overall view of things which affect my school and more importantly I can have a say in these things.

6. This year I have mentored 4 student teachers in my school. This is an aspect of my role which I truly love. I learn as much from them as I give them in return. They keep me up to date with current technology and thinking and they are a pleasure to be around. I have also given 12 student teachers a small taste of life in Special schools through our Teaching School alliance.

7. In Summer I was very proud to receive the news that my History Entry Level students had all passed. This was my first attempt at teaching Entry Level and its not easy! There were only three of them but they worked their socks off to achieve this. One of them received a grade 3. I think I was more proud than him!

8. This year I have also done lots of twitter mentoring. I don’t write about this on my timeline. There is no need to shout it from the roof tops each time you help someone. But as I’m listing achievements I will say that I spend vast amounts of time sending direct messages and emails and texts to student teachers, NQTs and others who need advice. I’m quietly rather proud of the fact that people think I’m worthy of imparting advice.

9. Last month I nominated a colleague in my school for an educational award. I’ve written about this lady in my blog previously. She is the brains behind the technology in my school. Everything tech wise is down to @nikihf She so richly deserved the award because she is an absolute superstar. She works so hard to keep things going for our children. I was so pleased when she won the award. This is obviously her achievement but I’m claiming some if it as I wrote the nomination. Hope that’s allowed! I’m honoured to play a small role in her ICT line up.

Well that’s 9 things I’ve achieved. That’s actually better than I thought. Moving on to 2014 and my thoughts for the coming year.

1. Continue to be Assistant Head and help to guide my school towards another successful year. We have a new regime in place. Our HT has left and our Deputy is now HT. We have 3 ‘Outstanding’ grades under our belt and we would like this to continue. Everyone in my school works so hard to secure the best education for our children and I know our team is outstanding.

2. Attend a Teachmeet. I’ve been trying to attend a Teachmeet all year so 2014 will see me attend at least one. I’ve bought a ticket for Northern Rocks in Leeds so hopefully I will be there.

3. Attend Bett 2014. Actually this is a bit of a cheat as I already have a ticket. Again I’ve wanted to go for a couple of years, this year will see me actually going.

4. As CPD leader I would like to continue to help every member of staff to be the best that they can be. I’m not a Fairy Godmother but if someone requests to attend a course and it fits with the school development plan I’ll do my best to ensure they get there.

5. Be less stressed. There I’ve said it. I have a diagnosis of stress and I’ve been ignoring it. As teachers many of you will identify with this. In my case I have physical symptoms and its not good. I need to look after myself a bit better. On that theme I will try and eat. Instead of working straight through lunch I will see if food helps my stress levels.

6. Try and develop some work life balance. I’m on to a non starter here. I’m not even sure why I’m writing this but if I say it enough times I might actually do it. I must not work 14 hour days!

7. Weather the storm politically. As I’ve said I’m not even political. What will be will be. This year I have allowed myself to become annoyed at many of the proposals from the 2 Michaels. (Gove and Wilshaw). There is no point to this. I should concentrate my efforts on looking after and teaching the children in my care. Unless something really terrible comes along of course. That’s my caveat when I fail this one.

8. Write some more articles for publication for magazines. I’ve done several guest blogs too. This is an area which I really enjoy. I’m not sure how it fits in with ‘develop a work life balance’ though.

9. To nominate my school for another award. We have a wonderful team and the staff and children deserve all the accolades they receive. Everyone works so hard and it’s an honour to be part of a winning team such as ours.

10. Continue to tell everyone on Twitter how wonderful you all are. To thank people for sharing their resources and their ideas and for helping me to grow as a teacher and a leader. Please keep doing what you all do best, supporting each other and helping each other.

That’s it folks, I’ve run out. 9 things I’ve achieved and 10 things I hope for 2014.
All that remains is for me to say ‘Happy New Year’ to you all. I hope you are all happy, successful and prosperous in 2014. Thanks for being there for me in 2013.