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Good morning everyone and welcome to the second half term of the year. Traditionally this is a long and difficult one with dark mornings and dark evenings. Teachers and children become jaded and we look forward to our next holiday.

This week we saw the great QTS debate where we were made to feel that all our qualifications were pretty useless because you only need subject knowledge. We also saw a possible removal of PE, Media Studies and Drama. Just what we didn’t need to aid our rest.

That said, it’s not all bad news. Last night the DfE bravely joined our #SLTchat. That gave me some hope that someone in the Education Department may be listening. Tristram Hunt has taken over from Stephen Twigg. He hasn’t let too many of his ideas out in public yet, but again there is some hope. My local college was inspected by Ofsted recently and I’m happy to report that they had a very supportive team. All of this is good news.

So I’m going to be cautiously optimistic to see me through this half term. Please remember that we all do a fab job in our schools. We aren’t always told this but we do. I think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back and remember the reason why we work so hard, the children. Everything we do is for the children, and on the whole they appreciate us.

I hope my optimism sees me through until Christmas. I’ll keep you informed.