It was brought to my attention via @truan_steve earlier in the week that things are about to change in education yet again. I say yet again because as teachers we can barely keep up with the rapid pace at which changes are being made to to our working lives. This time it’s the GCSEs.

It was quietly mooted last weekend in The Times Newspaper that drama, PE and Media Studies, so called ‘soft options’ may be squeezed from the curriculum as the Government continues with reforms to ‘raise exam standards and restore rigour to the curriculum’. Other subjects may also disappear paving the way for a return to 1950s traditional academic subjects.

At this moment in my career I am completely unaffected by this decision. The children in my school are seriously poorly or have devastating physical difficulties. It is unlikely that any of them will ever be able to study PE or drama. Although I personally am unaffected by this I will defend forever the right for every child to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum should they want it! Not everyone is academic and can master English and Maths but everyone has the right to be successful in life. If Media studies, PE or drama is what brings out the best in a child then I believe we should be teaching it.

I urge everyone to defend the right of our children to have this choice. Our next Gold Olympian may not be able to gain an A star in English but they may well gain an A star in PE. As a country we are so proud of our athletes when they succeed so let’s give them a chance to do just that.

I will probably fire an email in Michael Gove’s direction to ensure he knows my feelings on this subject. I hope that other colleagues will take a couple of minutes to do the same. He won’t listen but at least I will know I’ve had my say and tried my hardest.

(I wish he’d join Twitter, wouldn’t that be fun :-))