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I’m a little alarmed! I fear that twitter may be losing its power for CPD! I say this with some dismay. I shall explain.

Yesterday I posted a Social Media Policy for my school on twitter. I posted it on my school account rather than my personal account. I did this because the school is named and I’m not allowed to name my school on my personal account. The newly composed policy forbids it. All was well. I was hoping for RT and most importantly comments. I hoped that some people would add to the ideas and tell me things I hadn’t thought of.

I sat back and waited. Most of the people who would read it are not the readers of this post. The followers on my school account are a different set of teachers to all of you. The post was favourited over 20 times by different schools and RT not once.

This leads me to think that the teachers liked the policy enough to take it back to their own schools and share it with their SLT. Yet they didn’t think to RT it so that other schools could see it too. I see this happening more and more. Favouriting a post seems very trendy at the moment. But surely the point of twitter is that we all share our good ideas. Saves reinventing the wheel.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m all for favouriting something to show that you appreciate someone’s work. That’s lovely. But shouldn’t we still be retweeting as well so that others can share in the CPD? I’d be interested in people’s thoughts on this one. Twitter is a great source for CPD and sharing resources and I’d hate to see it lose its power.