I’ve had the most interesting week in school in recent memory. The reason was ‘Enterprise Week’. I take no credit for this truly amazing idea as the plaudits belong to a colleague of mine. I do however think the events of the week should be reported.

Many schools now teach Enterprise. My school does this in a truly innovative way. For one week of the academic year the whole school teaches the entire curriculum through Enterprise. I’ll share what my class have been doing to explain more fully.

This term, as part of the creative curriculum we are studying World War 2. For the past week everything we have done has been enterprise and WW2 related. We began the week by making corned beef hash for the staff. We chose corned beef hash after researching on the web that people made it during the war as it was cheap and resources were available. That covered ICT. We made posters to advertise our food and pinned them up around school. More ICT and literacy covered. Next job was to cost the food. Once again we went online and checked the prices of all the ingredients. We compared different shops to find the cheapest and worked out how many potatoes, carrots, onions and how much corned beef we would need for 32 staff. Imagine the maths we covered there! We had division, multiplication, money, weight, subtraction, fractions and plenty more. We also looked at the foods other countries were eating during the war years. That covered Geography. Then came the actual cooking. This was excellent and my special needs children loved it. DT was well and truly covered after designing a beautiful menu and cooking the meal. Money was collected in, added up and sorted in to various denominations. Maths galore! 32 happy and well fed staff.

The rest of the week we have made Christmas decorations WW2 style. I’m talking paper chains to string across fireplaces, tree decorations in retro style, Christmas stockings and tea pot tiles. We have advertised these items by making leaflets to send home to parents who promptly bought plenty. On the final day we made sausage sandwiches for the staff. As before we used ICT, literacy, maths, DT, science and art to advertise, cook and sell our food.

During the week my class of 10 children have earned ??100 between them. This truly teaches them the value of money. They have also learned that money has to be earned. The entire curriculum has been covered in one fell swoop and plenty of money earned.

The best is yet to come. One of our fabulously talented TAs has devised a banking system. Money earned by each child is put on to a card for them. They can use this money whenever they wish to. They can buy things in school or can take it home and spend it. There is a weekly coffee shop and children can use their money to buy toast and coffee or cakes. Sometimes a child will withdraw cash and buy a present for their parents. This allows them some independence which is rare for special needs children. Some classes save their money and go out for lunch together. We also encourage them to give some money for social enterprise or charity. The banking system is remarkable because it gives the children their first taste of knowing how much they can spend and when they need to save.

So the whole curriculum is covered in a fun and exciting way. Lots of money is earned, lots of money is banked and many targets are met. As assessment leader you can imagine how happy that makes me!