Hi Everyone. Wednesday was leap year day as you all know. As many of you know I’m a senior leader in a special school in North West England. My school hasn’t really ventured in to blogging as yet so I was itching to get them started. I simply needed a reason to get the children excited in it. Then along came @deputymitchell’s project. Fabulous I thought! What an interesting idea.
I don’t have my own class anymore so I borrowed a KS3 class and team taught with their teacher.
We showed the children the blog and explained what it was. This was challenging in itself as the children are PMLD and CCLD. We used Pecs pictures of computers and schools and found pictures of children blogging on the Internet to fire their limited imaginations. We read out some of the blogs written by children in our area which they really enjoyed. As we were reading them one flashed up from Mereside Primary School which is very close to us. I think this was one of @tomsale’s pupils. Perfect timing for us as the children know the school.
Now we were ready to begin. The class made a group decision to talk about when they went caving. We spent a whole hour discussing caving, looking at the photo’s and composing our blog. We incorporated spelling and reading in to it and the children worked with enthusiasm. I think it was possibly the best lesson I’ve been involved in for a long time. Myself and my fellow teacher were thrilled with the children’s obvious enjoyment.
Once the blog was finished we pressed ‘submit’ and I quickly zoomed to the bottom of the page. The look of pure joy on the children’s faces when they saw ‘Blackpool’ flash up on the screen was a sight to behold.
The children are now chomping at the bit to do another blog as they enjoyed it so much. I would like to say a very public thank you to @deputymitchell for a wonderful idea. You’ve inspired a group of very special children to write. Be very proud of yourself!