Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to anyone who is reading my very first blog. (Second really but the first was just an initial attempt to set it up). 

In the future I would like to blog about things that are close to my heart. One of them is the life and times of a teacher in a wonderful special school. Another topic I could chat for a while about is children with challenging behaviours. CPD and NQT mentoring are also topics which I favour. I aim to cover these things eventually. However, assessment is the reason for my writing today.

On joining twitter earlier this year I began reading the blogs with interest. I have recently been reading the blogs of David Didau otherwise known as @learningspy on twitter. I’m always interested in what he has to say and am usually left challenging my own thoughts on the topics and questions he raises. The first blog I read from David was all about assessment and centered around AfL, summative and formative assessment. I found myself totally gripped by the debate which followed. I thank David for making me look at my own practise and question my own reasons for doing things.

David has been nominated for an Edublog in the best individual blogger category. I think he is a very worthy nominee for this award. 

Take a look at http://learningspy.co.uk

Good luck David